Italian style aesthetic:
CANTO MOTTO's unique design aesthetic utilises Italian art and culture, combined with an innovative and creative approach. Through the carving of exquisite craft, its outstanding design reveals the high-end taste, of art and elegance, producing a situation in which fashion communicates with the body; interpreting a strong Italian art aesthetic. 

Product Concept
A taste of art, concise profiling, elegant lines, exquisite workmanship:
CANTO MOTTO takes its concise profile, elegant, modern art design and urbanisation as its standard. Elegant colour and perfect lines reveal touching creations, with its style focusing on the conveying of Italian culture, taking an artistic life philosophy to clothe the human body.

Product Development
Design philosophy
To redefine design through the combination of modern fabrics and natural raw materials, enhancing their distinctive qualities, textures and artistic profile whilst promoting comfort and  high end appeal. Skilled workmanship enhances the luxury of bespoke womenswear through the development of ready-to-wear collections.

Elegant colour palettes communicate a strong artistic feeling, evoking key emotions of thought and taste.

Product category
Women ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories, and jewellery.


2 / F,YueXing industrial Zone,NO.28 PanShan Road LianTang, ShenZhen-China

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