Shenzhen Fashion Week, 2016
CANTO MOTTO ''Yan'': fashion from nature

March 19, 2016, Creative Director EMMA QI, of Italian luxury fashion brand CANTO MOTTO, debuts her Autumn/Winter 2016 ''Yan'' series at the 2016 Autumn/Winter Shenzhen Fashion Week, expressing her unique design concept and nature inspired style.
''Yan'' takes strong inspiration from nature. The world we live in is an organic product of nature and human activities, with all things being derived from the root of nature. The ''Yan'' series follows the evolution of natural life, life's feeling and movement; the reincarnation of life. Life is the great creation of nature, with man perceiving its natural energy, seeking an artistic life of harmony with natures balance, and interpreting the ''natural philosophy, life is beautiful'' through design.
CANTO MOTTO's Autumn/Winter 2016 collection comprises of a natural design aesthetic, influenced by mysterious forests of textures and materials. Earth, stone and bark inspired surfaces and three-dimensional structures give a strong appeal, yet hold a soft and gentle touch. Natural materials highlight our close relationship with nature, giving a mystical look with warmth and comfort, whilst abstract styles and patterns bring a unique feeling. Rustic and elegant colours express the artistic feeling, combined with neutral pure hues and brighter coloured contrasting trims, all enhanced with messy edges, fringed seams and textures referencing nature. Yarn and woven materials of earthly hues are additionally intertwined creating a nature effect.

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